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Referenceliste HITEM 2000

HITEM 2000

Analyser system for waste incinerator, steel and cement industry, for use in high temperature applications. The system measures gases, such as CO, O2, CH4, NO, SO2, CO2 etc.

In order to save energy and maintain stable process conditions, on-line gas analyser systems is a must in mordern cement production. Continuous measurement has been practiced for serveral years, but not very successfully. The instability of earlier technologies has prevented the use of automatic control. Though reliable measurement of NO, O2 and CO it is possible to optimize both calgination and klinker burning.

The HITEM 2000 System

The HITEM 2000 system consists of three elements:

  • Automated sampling probe (HT 2000 P)
  • Cooling unit (HT 2000 C)
  • Analyzer and control unit (HT 2000 A)

The advantages of the system is amoung others: 

  • The high temperature of the cooling unit is well above both the water and the acid dewpoint.
  • Free adjustable sample intake location allows adoption to actual flow pattern and conditions.
  • Automatic leak check of the entire system.
  • Automatic blow-back of filter. Strong blow-back of probe tube with shut-off to analyser system to prevent damage.
  • Easy operation and control by the use of touch screen for parameter adjustment, fault indications and manual operation mode.
  • On screen help and explanations ensure easy operation and quick troubleshooting.
  • The use of maintenance-free analysers lowers operation cost.
  • The independency of reference and calibration gas saves money and ensures availability.
  • Automatic safe-shutter closes the kiln opening when the probe is out of operation.
  • Automatic retraction device for removing the probe in emergency situations.
  • Non-pressurized system, to avoid explosions.

Referenceliste HITEM 2000

Automated sampling probe (HT 2000 P)

Sampling system for kiln inlet or calciner applications.

HT 2000 P is the automated sample gas probe in the liquid cooled sampling system.

The probe is designed for gas sampling in high temperature and high dust applications, such as kiln inlet and calciner outlet in the cement industry. It is equally suitable for furnace applications in steel plants, lime industry and similar with high temperature and heavy dust content.

The probe is furnished with connections for cooling liquid supplied from the cooling unit. A heated filter is flanged to the probe. It has built-in ball valve for heavy blow back. The purge air is preheated for higher efficiency.

The atomatic retraction device is equipped with a pneumatic drive for inserting into and retracting the gas sampling probe from the measuring point. This is not only for convenience but also for safety. In case of an emergency situation, such as lack of cooling liquid due to power loss, the probe is brought out in a safe position. Also too high temperature or missing coolant flow is detected and will result in immediate withdrawal from the hot proces.

A compressed air container ensures sufficient air for safe retraction at plant air failure. The device is controlled by the HT 2000 A, Analyser and Control Unit.

It can also be manually operated either via the touch screen or a local control panel at the probe.

Technical data probe:

Sample filter

Filter material:Ceramic
Filter porosity:2 my
Filter chamber volumen:120 ml


Sample temperature:Up to1400 deg. C.
Compressed air consumption:50 l per cleaning cycle.
Compressed air pressure:6 bar
Compressed air quality:Dry oil free air.
Cooling liquid:Particulate free, 3 m3/h
Cooling liquid connections:Flange DN25 PN16

Referenceliste HITEM 2000

Cooling unit (HT 2000 C)

HT 2000 C is the cooling unit in the liquid cooled sampling system.

The cooling system consists of an air/liquid heat exchanger, a suction pump to circulate the coolant, an expansion vessel, a temperature monitor and a flow monitor. The coolant temperature is controlled by a variable speed fan on the heat exchanger. The coolant flow can be adjusted between 1,5 and 3,5 m3/h by means of a manual control valve.

Flow rates below a preset minimum value or temperatures above a preset maximum value will be transmitted to the HT 2000 A, Analyser and Control Unit resulting in an automatic withdrawal of the probe.

A level switch in the expansion vessel indicates, when activated, a need for coolant refill.

Technical data:

Cooling unit dimensions: 1900x1000x700 mm ( HxWxD )
Cooling liquid connections:Flange DN25 PN16

Heat exchanger

Cooling capacity:70 kW
Coolant flow:1,5 – 3,5 m3/h
Cooling air flow:Max. 1,42 m3/s


Capacity: 3,6 m3/h
Power consumption, motor:1,5 kW


Range:0 – 4 m3/h

Temperature transmitter

Range:0 – 250 deg. C

Referenceliste HITEM 2000

Analyzer and control unit (HT 2000 A)

The Analyser and Control Unit is the heart of the liquid cooled sample system. The cabinet contains all necessary sample conditioning such as gascooler, condensate separator, solenoid valves, pumps, filters and flow- and humidity monitors. The components are arranged in an optional way in respect of response time, durability and service.

A PLC controls all functions of the analyser unit. It also collects information from the cooling unit and controls the automatic retraction device and filter blow back.

It is equipped with a touch screen for intelligent HMI.

All settings and control functions are done via touch screen, such as:

  • Registration, execution and indication of combined operational and
  • fault signals from sample system, analysers and cooling system.
  • Automatic retraction of probe from kiln as programmed or by fault.
  • Setting of timers for retraction interval.
  • Setting of timers for automatic blow back of sample filter and probe.

The touch screen also gives information about alarms, possible faults that can have given the alarm and what to do. Flow sheets of the different units in the system are displayed. By touching a component on the flow sheet an explanation of the components function in the system appears on the screen.